Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Better Way of Living

So yesterday I got home from work around 5:45. I ate dinner and dicked around on the internet for a little bit. At 6:45 I decided that I would take a nap for a couple hours so I could be well rested in time to leave for Karaoke at 9:00. I also figured this nap would take the edge off of the exahustion that would follow the three hours sleep I would get post karaoke. So I hopped into bed and drifted off into sweet sweet slumber.

I awoke at 8:30 and instantly decided that there was nothing on the face of this Earth, not even the rockin' fun of karaoke, that would make getting out of my bed a worthwhile endeavor. I laid back down and instantly passed the hell out. I awoke again at 3:00am feeling more rested and alert than I have in weeks. I can't actually remember the last time that I got a full eight hours sleep but now I can see why the experts all recommend it. Man is it refreshing.

With my newfound zest and vigor I put on my gym clothes and went to workout in the exercise room on the roof of my building. After a solid hour workout, I went back downstairs, paid some bills online, did a little bit of writing, made breakfast, and took a shower. This is the most productive I've been in a month. It was awesome. I'm seriously thinking about adopting this schedule full time. It may be hard to convince my girlfriend of this when she gets back in town, but she's always saying that we should try getting to bed earlier, so she may go for it.

The odd thing is that despite being awake a full three-and-a-half hours earlier than usual, I still managed to be ten minutes late for work. Even when I'm being super productive my time management skills are zero.

Another important lesson learned here is that nap = sleeping on the couch with all the lights on. Removing clothes, turning out lights, and getting under the covers is going to bed. That is a major time commitment.

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