Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Natural Talents

There is an old saying that everyone has one thing in life that they are good at. One thing for which they have a natural talent. This sounds great, but what if my talent is something that was only useful like eight hundred years ago? Like, what if I'm a really good at jousting? What if I'm like the best jouster who ever lived, but I'll never know because when the hell am I ever going to joust? And what if I did joust, like at a Ren Fest or something, and realized that I am really good at it? What then? What can I do with that knowledge? Get a job at Medieval Times? I don't want to work at Medieval Times. That's like number three on the list of jobs I don't want, right after Coal Miner and Guy At Rape-Prevention Classes Who Wears That Padded Suit And Gets Kicked In The Nuts Over And Over Again.

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