Friday, February 24, 2006

KITH Postshow Recap

So he Kids In The Hall show last night was good.  It was really loose and rough around the edges, but still very funny.  The sketches were all strong, even when it was clear that they weren’t as lean as they could be.  There was a lot of off the cuff improving, and a fair amount of blown lines and character breaking, which The Kids somehow always managed to make funny.  Jeff’s theory is that those guys are “talented.”  There might be something to that.  Mark McKinney seemed to have the most trouble keeping his lines straight.  At one point he even bailed out in the middle of a monologue because he’d gotten all turned around.  Somehow this was still funny.  Bruce seemed to have the least trouble, and even had a couple choice words for his colleagues.  When he came out for a monologue he said something to the effect of “We just started rehearsing on Monday.  Though maybe Sunday would have been better.”  Later, during a sketch that had gone particularly off the rails, Bruce looked around at his cast mates (all of whom had broken character at that point) and said, “You know, twenty-five dollars is still a lot.” Referring to the ticket price we all paid to see their shenanigans.

My favorite sketches were their Brokeback Mountain response in which two men (Bruce and Scott in fake moustaches) and their wives (Dave and Kevin) have just left a screening of Brokeback.  As the wives walk ahead Bruce turns to Scott and says “Finally, Hollywood got it right.”  It goes on from there, but that line pretty much tell you everything you need to know. The other sketch I really liked was one in which a couple (Dave and Kevin) visits friends (Bruce and Mark) who have a new baby, only to find that the baby is “hateful” and “shitty”.  As Dave holds the baby he wails, “I feel like I’m cradling all of human suffering!  It’s like I have Auschwitz swaddled in my arms!”  Kevin suggests that Dave sing to the baby, to which he replies, “I can’t!  All I can hear are the songs of slavery!  The terrible moans of cattle in the slaughterhouse!  Or that Coldplay song Yellow!”  I like that song, but funny is funny.  And frankly, Coldplay needs to be taken down a peg or two.

So all in all it was a good show.  Certainly worth the $27.50 I have yet to pay Frank for my ticket.

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