Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This bat’s got sharper radar than the fucking Nautilus

While I am notoriously bad at remembering people’s names and, occasionally, faces, I do pride myself on being quite adept at picking out people’s voices.  This is a good skill to have since I spend much of my day answering phones.  A lot of the same people call repeatedly, asking to speak with the same people in my office, so my keen voice recognition saves me a lot of time figuring out who’s calling, and to whom they need to be connected.

Today I was particularly proud of my powers after this little exchange took place.  There’s a casting director working out of my office now, for a film we’re gearing up.  For our purposes, I’ll refer to her at “Kate Smith”:

ME:  Hello?
VOICE:  Hi.  Can I can I talk to Kate Smith, please?
ME:  Who’s calling?
VOICE:  Burt Reynolds.
MY MIND:  This isn’t Burt Reynolds. This sounds like Billy Bob Thorton.
ME: Hold on, please.
I buzz “Kate”.
KATE:  Yes?
ME:   I’ve got a Burt Reynolds for you.
KATE:  That’s not really Burt Reynolds.
ME:  I figured.  It sounds like Billy Bob Thorton.
KATE:  Wow, good ears.  It is.
ME:  Thanks.
I connect Kate and Billy Bob.

Score.  A dozen words and I had him pegged cold.  If only there were some way I use this skill to pick numbers at the roulette table.


Alan said...

We should put you to work in a think tank...

Thinking about people's voices...

Jeff said...

At Patina, I had Crispin Glover at "Hi, this is..."!

That reminds me of this classic bit: "C'mon! I'm White Michael Jai!"

jenni_powell said...

Miniature Play Library Entry #2, here you come!