Thursday, February 09, 2006

We Used to be Friends

What was up with last night’s Veronica Mars?  It was like an episode from an alternate reality where VM is not a very good show.  How did that episode cross over into this world, and what happened to the episode from our dimension?  Lame.  Not only was it badly written, but also, hello, you already did the “someone in this room is a thief!” episode better last season.  If you’re going to repeat yourself, at least try to outdo yourself in the process.  

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Jeff said...

I think save for the cartoonishness of both the evil teacher and the Jackie-hating students, this last episode was great. The dialogue was genuinely funny throughout, there was that great subplot of Logan seducing his accuser's daughter, and I didn't have any problems with the mystery. The basic premise resembled last season's poker episode, sure, but the execution was completely different. I was much more underwhelmed by last week's Wallace episode.