Friday, April 28, 2006

More Temping Fun

Today I am temping in the office of a Super-Big-Time-Famous-Producer. This office has a large fountain in the lobby that is only tuned on as a signal to let everyone know when SBTFP is in (or on his way into) the office. Since this office has an open floor plan, you can hear the fountain no matter where you are. As a result SBTFP being in the office just means that everyone else in the office has to pee constantly.

The woman sitting at the next desk over brought her ADORABLE golden lab puppy to work today. The woman is out right now, and the puppy's leash has been tied to the desk. For the last hour the dog has been curled up in a tight ball on top of the woman's back pack, sleeping soundly. As super adorable as this is, I just want the puppy to wake up so I can play with it.

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