Monday, May 22, 2006


Team Atrox successfully completed our second tour of duty in the Mayday 24-Hour Filmmaking Contest. This tour of duty went much better than last time. Stretching the metaphor further, I'd say that this time we came home with a Purple Heart, whereas last time we stepped on a land mine after 2 minutes in country. Also, Jeff is hereby recommended for the Medal of Honor. He took a shot that I can't even begin to describe. We all think the movie is pretty funny. It's a little rough around the edges in patches, but it was made in 24hrs. What the fuck do you people want from us?

Hopefully we make it through the selection committee and actually get to screen in competition. There are fifteen total films, and only 12 go on to the screening. I think our movie is better than the three weakest films from any past Mayday contest, so by that standard we're doing alright, but it remains to be seen to what degree the other teams upped their game to meet with this year's more stringent selection policy. Word on the street is that a lot of teams turned in dramas this time around. It will be interesting to see how this effects things, also if there is a big disparity between the reaction a films gets from the selection committee and the reaction it gets in front of the much larger screening crowd. Just anecdotaly, in the past, some of the event organizers have commented to me that certain films they thought were dull got huge reactions at the screenings. In the meantime, fingers are crossed.

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