Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today's Random Thoughts

Albert Finney was a very handsome man in the '70s.

Wait, the lead singer from Thin Lizzy was black and Irish? How did that happen?

The sub-prime lending collapse: Explain this to me. So a bunch of lenders decided to hand out loans to people with no money, no credit, and at substantially higher rates than a regular loan, and now everyone is shocked that this business model seems to have some holes in it? I'm glad I wasn't dumb enough to throw my money into that boondoggle, but just you wait until I get up and running with my new venture that leases high-end luxury automobiles to the homeless. It's a slam dunk!


Julia said...

Can I just say? I'm so glad you're back to posting.

Frank said...

"Lynott was born in Hallam Hospital in West Bromwich, England, the son of a Brazilian father, Cecil Parris, and an Irish Catholic mother, Philomena (aka Phyllis) Lynott, whose surname he took. His father left his mother just three weeks after he was born and returned to his native Brazil. [Lynott] was brought up in Moss Side, Manchester before moving to Crumlin, Dublin, whilst he was still quite young, to live with his grandmother, Sarah. His parents reportedly kept in touch for a number of years after his birth, but Lynott did not meet his father until the late 1970s.

"Lynott was half black, and was inspired by Jimi Hendrix as an example of how a black man could be successful fronting a hard rock band."

"As well as being a multiracial band, members [of Thin Lizzy] were drawn from both sides of the Irish border and from both Catholic and Protestant communities."

Wikipedia also reports that Emory's CSI crush Gary Dourdan is producing and starring in a biopic.

Liz said...

Gary Dourdan is a pretty man. I'd totally watch that flick.