Thursday, May 31, 2007

All Things Atrox

There's been a bunch of big happenings lately over at The Atrox

First up, today is the premiere of Kitty-Face Kitty, Season 2! As you recall, when we last saw KFK he was too late backing-up his partner's charge into a drug lab run by the notorious kingpin Mellville. This did not end well...

The white knuckle thrill ride of Kitty-Face Kitty continues here!

Second, I've been remiss in not mentioning this awesome Atrox coverage from the stellar toy and toy culture blog Toybot Studios. These guys came by our booth at APE and were really impressed with Leslie's sculpey figurines. Their coverage features some great pictures of Leslie's creations alongside related Atrox strips. It's a very nice piece and we're super psyched to be featured on such an awesome blog. Check out these sweet pics:

Finally, this Saturday, June 2nd Team Atrox's film "Sad Leigh to Late" will screen as part of the 5th annual Mayday 24-Hour Film Contest. Out of a whopping 28 teams in this years contest, Team Atrox is one of the 12 who's film (written, shot, and edited in 24 hours) was deemed good enough to advance to the final screening this Saturday. The screening is open to the public and costs a mere $5. The audience will vote for the best films and award them fabulous prizes.* So, if you're in the LA area, and are looking for an awesome way to spend your Saturday night, please come out and support Team Atrox. Here's the important info:

Mayday 5 Screening
Doors open at 8, movies start at 8:30, party goes to the wee hours
$5 at the door
Donation bar inside
6840 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605 (near the Burbank airport)

In case you haven't seen it, here is "23", Team Atrox's entry from last year's Mayday 24-Hour Film Contest:

This film picked up two awards at last year's screening, one for "Best Line" ("Good thing I've got a doctorate in Jiu-jitsu!") and another for "Most Deserving of Assorted James and Jellies," which I like to think of as a kind of "audience award" second only to the big prize for Best In Show. Please let me have my illusions.

We hope to pick up a couple more awards this year. We think our film has some very strong performances that could be big contenders for the acting trophies. Here's a behind the scenes shot from a key scene:

That's just a little prick tease for you. All will be revealed at the big show this Saturday night. I hope you can make it.

*-The prizes are not fabulous, but honor and pride are on the line here. Also, there's one hotshot team with a three-year winning streak that needs to be taken down a peg or two. Vote Atrox, vote often!

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