Thursday, June 21, 2007

Licence to Wed

I have some thoughts about the latest abysmal-looking comedic abortion starring Robin Williams and its poster which is currently plastered, in billboard form, across all of Los Angeles.

For those of you who haven't seen it, here is the poster in question:

Looks pretty awful, right? But out of all of the things on this poster that scream "unfunny" the thing that I can't help but notice when I drive past at 55 per is

What the fuck is going on with Mandy Moore's face? If I were her, or any young woman for that matter, I would be absolutely mortified that this expression had been committed forever to film, blown-up a dozen times, and hung prominently at every intersection in the second largest city in the country. It looks like she's in the middle of listening to her doctor explain a particularly invasive and embarrassing medical procedure he wants her to consent to. Granted, I might make the same face if I awoke to find Robin Williams in my bed, but ostensibly this is a comedy and I don't think an expression that reads "I just saw a hobo defecating blood" is the kind of thing that warms people up for a life riot.

Also, whatever design wiz threw this thing together has gone crazy on poor Mandy's face with some kind of Photoshop effect that makes it look like she has Vitligo


Frank said...

I'm disappointed to note that in the the United Kingdom, the movie has not been retitled Licence to Wed, as opposed to License to Wed.

You know, I'm a little bit disappointed in Warner Bros. United Artists was kind enough to do American audiences the favor.

Lindsay said...

you did not even mention the fact that John Krasinski is it in. Why, God, why??? what a mean trick.

Jeff said...

Because the knowledge that a funny, talented guy like John Krasinski is in this movie is knowledge that hurts.

With the top Moore's wearing in this poster, I'm amazed you noticed her face.

I am kind of in love with Mandy Moore.

Am I a bad person?

Paul said...

It's funny you should mention Mandy Moore's top. I started this post intending it to be enitrely about Mandy Moore's boobs on the poster (The jist: Those aren't Mandy Moore's boobs!) but then thought better of it and switched to Plan B, which, in this case, stands for "face" and not "boobs."

-Laurel- said...

Heath told me about some article he read that notes the poster looks like a uterus. And it kind of does. The dark area is int he shape of a uterus.