Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Con is A Foot

Has anyone else seen this ad on TV?

WOW! So you mean to tell me that if I stick a white cotton pad on the dirtiest, sweatiest part of my body, it'll turn brown! That's amazing!

Apparently, it also helps when the white pad is filled powdered wood vinegar which has a nasty habit of turning brown and stinky when exposed to moisture.

Kinroki detox pads, and all similar detox pads, are a simple magic trick. There are no healing properties here at all. The only thing that can remove toxins from your body is your own liver and kidneys, or possibly a dialysis machine. If any product is claiming to remove "toxins" from your body, run the other way. It is a hoax and they are trying to steal your money.

It blows my mind that we live in an age where people can look back at the patent medicine industry of the 18th and 19th centuries and all of the tonics and snake oils, and the hyperbolic claims they made of being able to cure everything from headache to cancer, and laugh at how stupid people must have been to buy into such obvious hokum, but then turn right around and tape vinegar stuffed menstrual pads to their feet.

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