Thursday, March 10, 2005

At The Drugstore

Hey there, Hot Girl In Line Behind Me At The Checkout, what's up? We passed by each other back in aisle 12. Paper products. Remember? Funny that we should me again like this, isn't it? So how are you doing? . . . Yeah, that's right, I'm buying stool softener and condoms. Guess what I'm doing tonight. It's really not as interesting as you might think. Mostly just watching TV. These are for later. . . And for separate occasions.

Wow, Hot Girl, you are really skinny. I didn't notice until just now because you're wearing all those layers, that knit sweater, and that overcoat, but you are way skinny. Almost gaunt, now that I think about it. It's a little gross.

Hey, Hot Girl why are you buying twelve double-packs of Listerine Breath Strips, two tubes of tooth whitening toothpaste, and a giant bottle of Kaopectate? Is your breath that bad? Are you a heavy smoker? What are you doing that would stain your teeth and stink up your breath so bad that you'd need to buy all-? Oh. Well that explains a lot.

Maybe I should pretend that I'm going to use this stool softener to start my own eating disorder. I could ask you for some pointers. We could have a real conversation. . .

Oh, the Check Out Lady wants to ring me up now. Sorry we couldn't really talk. I hope you find a way to take better care of yourself. Good luck, Hot Girl.

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