Friday, March 18, 2005


Today at work one of the supervisors came into the computer lab and solemnly told everyone to gather in the conference room. We all filed in, fully expecting to hear news that the company had been sold and we were all fired.

But then it turned out that it was somebody’s birthday and we all got Ice Cream Cake!

And then the boss said we could have the rest of the day off! And he gave us each $500 “walkin’ around money”!

Then Bruce Springsteen came in and did a half-hour unplugged set just for us!

And then we all got gift baskets filled with chocolate! And iPods! And chocolate iPods!

And Milla Jovovich showed up and gave everybody hand jobs! Even the ladies!

Actually we just got ice cream cake. But that’s almost as good as all that other stuff.

Happy Friday, everybody.

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