Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Burn Baby Burn

Wow, rereading that last post it sounds a little more glum than I meant it. I'm fine, really.

In other news, my effort to rid myself of my ridiculous farmer's tan have yielded an equally ridiculous sunburn. It looks rather silly and is kind of uncomfortable but five hours in it seems like it will be a pretty mild burn. It's certainly nothing compared to "The Worst Sunburn I Ever Had" wich was like an endless torture of the damned. It lasted weeks and even as it subsided it found new and more disgusting ways to continue punishing me. At this point in "The Worst Sunburn I Ever Had" I was laying face down in a hotel bed trying not to move lest it feel like my skin was being flayed from my bones

The moral here is always wear sunscreen, even if it's late in the day and the stiff breeze makes it feel like it's not that hot outside. UV-Rays care nothing for wind or time. They will stream across the abyss of space and sear your flesh like a cosmic cat-o'-nine-tails regardless.

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