Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Reviews Are In!

Well a review anyway, but it's a good one. Backstage West really liked the play I directed. You can find the review of the whole festival here. The paragraph about my play (Forget My Chrome Embrace) is at the bottom.

Here are the high lights that will be splashed across our two-page add in Variety along with our impressive opening weekend box office numbers.

"The festival's funniest entry..."

" humorous as it is original."

"The trio of performances is ideal..."

I'm very excited. Congratulations to Frank, Nell, Darren, and Jeff.

Next stop: BROADWAY! Well, the Broadway here in LA at least. There's a hardware store there. I need to get some keys made.


Alan said...

You're the man now, Dawg! Congrats on the review. The play is excellent and you deserve your kudos. Woot.

Jeff said...

Congratulations to YOU, good sir.