Thursday, June 09, 2005

What in Christ's Name?

Why have I started receiving Christian spam? Just in this past week I've started getting junk email for Christian dating web-sties and Christian debt relief services. What have I been doing on the internet that would attract this kind of thing? And what the hell does it mean to "consolidate you debt the Christian way"?

Maybe this in some roundabout attempt at saving my soul? Perhaps somewhere there is an evangelical direct mailing service searching for lost souls who spend too much time at progressive blogs and porno sites. When they've found just such a wayward web surfer they pepper his inbox with emails promising truth, salvation, and new car financing at a very reasonable interest rate.

For now all of these messages are heading straight for the delete folder. When I start getting spam compelling me to "Enlarge your penis the Christian way!" I'll check it out. That shit, I've gotta see.

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