Thursday, July 07, 2005

No News Is Anxiety Inducing News

Yesterday: received text message from a friend saying she had hit her head and was going to the ER. I have yet to receive an update. The fact that she sent a text message makes me think that she wasn't hemorrhaging or anything, but still, it would be nice to get a subsequent "I'm okay" message. I know that trips to the ER are long, exhausting affairs and all you want to do afterwards is go home, curl up, and sleep, but man I'm goin' nuts here. Somebody help me out. I'm sure that I'll hear something eventually. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Today: I get to distract myself from my friend and her head trauma by trying to find out weather or not a different friend of mine has been blown up. He lives in London. I don't have his phone number. Various feelers and communications have been sent out to various places. Now round two of "The Waiting Game" begins. I am sure that this friend is fine as well. I don't even know for sure that he's in London right now. He's been traveling lately. But still. The Tube stations, a bus, rush hour. It all makes me very very worried about him.

My heart goes out to everyone in London. Take care of each other.

And let your friends know that you're okay. Waiting to hear from you is giving them ulcers.

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