Monday, September 19, 2005

Long Weekend

Wow. . .This weekend. . . Man. . . Wow. . .

Where to start? Ummm. . . I'll just say that there's a lot I'd like to talk about but I'm not going to because I am a gentleman.

Moving on. . .

Filming for "Boat City: population Boats!" went really well this weekend despite the fact that Jeff and I were both totally exhausted. I'm excited to start cutting it together. My respect for Emory, and the indignities to which he will subject himself in the name of comedy, is boundless. Perhaps I should tell him this more often. But then maybe that'd be kinda gay.

Low Budget Filmmaking Tip of the Week: Orange Juice + Chunk of White Bread = Really Gross Looking Fake Vomit


Jeff said...

You made Jesus cry this weekend, didn't you?


ANYWAY, you should compliment Emory when he is drunk, for that is when Emory is gayest, and maybe you'll get some! Just a thought.

Liz said...

I thought the point was that Paul didn't need any more "some."

I don't know. I'm just saying.

Jeff said...

"Some" from Emory is a whole different ballgame, I assure you.

So I'm told.