Monday, October 10, 2005

Product of the Week Award

So last week I was meandering through a drug store in We-Ho and I happened to pass through the “Family Planning” section.  Among all of the condoms and lube I happened to notice a brand of personal lubricant called “Boy Butter”.  Funny enough, but the best part is that “Boy Butter” is sold in a large, yellow plastic tub like a thing of Country Crock.  That’s awesome.  It’s awesome because 1: It’s hysterical.  The manufacturers of Boy Butter have really committed to their premise and I appreciate that.  The lid even features an illustration of a hand suggestively gripping the handle of a butter churn.  This product is also awesome because 2: The big plastic tub is practical.  Rather than getting lube all over your hands - and thus all over your sheets, pillows, etc - you can just kind of tea bag your dick in the tub and lube-up with a minimum of mess.

So, to the manufactures of Boy Butter brand personal lubricant it is my honor to award the first ever Rock and Roll Friends product of the week award. Good show, sirs.  Keep up the fine work!

1 comment:

jenni_powell said...

Wow, I certainly wasn't expecting to read the words "tea bag your dick" today...thanks Paul!