Monday, October 03, 2005

Silver Linings

So, for the last few weeks I’ve been seeing this new girl. For anonymity’s sake I will call her “Amy”. This is an actual conversation that we had about two weeks ago.

Amy: The film genres that I’m least interested in are westerns and space movies.
Me: I see. Then I don’t suppose you’ll want to see this space western that’s coming out in a couple weeks.
Amy: No. No I won’t.

In the ensuing weeks several invitations were extended to “Amy” asking her to join in the space western opening night festivities. True to her word, she politely declined them all.

On Friday when I was too busy vomiting to see my much-anticipated space western “Amy” showed up on my doorstep with a box of crackers and a bottle of ginger ale. She stayed with me as I alternated between fitful, feverish sleep and violent retching.

Saturday my health was much improved but I was too busy with previous engagements to slip away to a movie theatre for two hours.

On Sunday “Amy” looked at me and said “Do you want to see a space western today?”

I melted like cotton candy.

We saw “Serenity” on Sunday afternoon and I’m pretty sure that “Amy” enjoyed it in spite of herself.

“Amy” is the best. For taking care of me when I was sick and for subjecting herself to what, on paper, would seem like her least favorite movie ever, she gets 2 Million Super Bonus Points. That’s a lot.

Even with the sickness, this turned out to be a very lovely weekend.


jenni_powell said...

"Amy" and Paul sitting in a tree!

Vom City, Population CHEESE!!

(insert forceful nudging here)

Alan said...

Aww... that's sickening. I mean, really Paul. Come on! Actually, you were just like me this weekend. Only you had vomiting and a girlfriend. But other than that? Same.