Wednesday, March 22, 2006

See Also: I.P. Freely and Michael Hunt

Slight embellishment on an actual conversation:

ME:  Hello?
CALLER:  May I speak to Luke?
ME: Who’s calling?
CALLER:  Harry Taint.
ME:  Excuse me?
CALLER:  Harry Tate.
ME:  Ah.  Tate.  Okay.
CALLER:  What, did you think I said taint?
ME:  Maybe.  .  .  Do you get that a lot?
CALLER:  You have no idea.
ME:  Let me see if Luke is available.
*Buzzes Luke’s extension*
LUKE:  Hello?
ME:  There’s a Harry Taint on the phone for you.
LUKE:  Excuse me?
ME:  I said Taint, didn’t I?  I meant Tate.  Harry Tate.
LUKE:  Right.  That guy.  Put him through.

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