Thursday, April 13, 2006

Catching Up

Wow, that last post was like almost a month ago. What happened? Where does the time go?

The answer is that I got really busy at work and then they laid me off. I took that in stride since A: That company was always a flaming jet-liner on a collision course with Mt. Bankruptcy, and big cut backs were just a matter of time. I feel worse for the guy who had left a job to work there and was then let go ON HIS SECOND DAY! That should give you an idea of how that company is run, and continues to be run into the ground. Also B: Being laid off meant that I didn't have to do the huge pile of awful shit work that I had just begun the process of slogging through when the hammer fell.

Then I took a week off to get ready for the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. Team Atrox (minus Mat and Emory) ventured north to peddle our meager wears at a table we shared with Erika Moen and Asa Shumskas-Tait. The table was jam packed with people and stuff and our meager wears actually sold quite well. Turns out that total strangers will buy T-shirts with The Atrox on them (this bodes well for our plan to eventually sell out for as much money as humanly possible), and Leslie made out like a bandit selling her little figurines of The Atrox and of various animals wearing top hats. We had some really great responses to our comics. A couple people just flipped and couldn't get enough of The Atrox or the Bunim. It's an awesome feeling to generate such a positive reaction in people.

Our hastily assembled, and poorly edited, mini-comic even snagged a nice little write up on Ain't It Cool News. Just follow the link and then jump to the "Indies From The San Francisco Alternative Press Expo" section.

I will now put all of the things I've ever said about Harry Knowles into a hat, and draw out one of them to take back.

And the winner is: "Fart-Bloated Crap Sack".

I take back having called Harry Knowles a "fart-bloated crap sack". It was malicious, and untrue, and I didn't mean it. My bad.

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