Thursday, March 01, 2007

Comics GALORE!

There's much brewing in the world of comics this week.

There is an awesome new Kitty Face Kitty comic up at The Atrox. This strip really kicks the KFK story into high gear, and, I promise, this month's installment has a shocking surprise ending that you'll




Imagine each of those words 12 inches tall and flying right at your face with a loud "WHOOSH!" sound. That's how intense this strip is. Check it out.

In the land of old fashioned print comics (I know print is dead, but bear with me here)two new books hit the stands yesterday that are well worth checking out.

Blood Nation #1 is the first part of a kick-ass four part mini-series about some-kick ass commandos that have to go behind enemy lines in a Russia that has been taken over by fucking kick-ass vampires and stop them from getting their grubby, blood sucking hands on old Soviet nukes. Awesome stuff.

Watchdogs is a graphic novel about an ordinary man who takes it upon himself to clean up the crime ridden streets of his Brooklyn neighborhood, only to find the vigilante group he creates developing a far more sinister agenda behind his back. It's a taut action-thriller with shades of Fight Club and Training Day.

Both books are in comic stores now courtesy of Platinum Studios. They are pretty rad and you should definitely pick them up. I don't want to build up your expectations too much, but I will say that these two comics represent the single greatest achievement in sequential art since Michelangelo's The Last Judgment. I'm not even fucking with you.

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