Friday, March 02, 2007

A Little Movie You Probably Never Heard Of

At this point I think it's a well established fact that the "news" section of the Internet Movie Database is pretty much worthless. Even in the vacuous realm of entertainment news, the snippets offered day-in-day-out by the imdb seem to be particularly devoid of any actual information.

Occasionally, in addition to being stupefyingly inane, these marshmallow fluff stories are also wildly inaccurate. Such was the case today with a tid-bit about competing sequels to L.A. Confidential currently in development by different filmmakers. What drew my ire about this story is that the first sentence refers to L.A. Confidential as a "cult film." The hell? What definition of Cult Film are you using? How many cult films have nine Oscar nominations and two wins? How many cult films are generally considered one of the best of their decade? For Christ's sake, L.A. Confidential currently sits at number 56 on the imdb's own Top 250 movies of all time list, right in between such little seen gems as The Bridge On the River Kwai and The Maltese Falcon.

Get your head out of your ass, imdb.

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