Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Animal Groups

Sure, we've all know a pack of wolves, a pride of lions, and a pod of whales, but here are some crazy animal group names that you've probably never heard of!

A Crash of Rhinos
A Murder of Crows
A Hooverville of Owls
A Enema of Bats
A Hip-Wader of Cariboo
A Meatball Hoagie of Alligators
A Date Rate of Ibex
A Clown Car of Polar Bears
A Wet/Dry Vac of Kolas
A Klan Rally of Iguanas
A Ice Man Cometh of Bees
A U.S.S Enterprise of Giraffes
A Kate & Allie Rerun of Sparrows
A Squid of Octopus
A Slave Auction of Trout
A Cult Film of Walruses
A Crystal Meth Binge of Platypus

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