Monday, June 04, 2007

Goofus and Gallant

So remember when China accidentally killed some of our dogs with their crazy poisoned dog food, and then tried to kill us with a wacky toothpaste made from anti-freeze, and then tried to kill us again with some goofy Catfish pumped full of antibiotics banned by the FDA? If you remember that, then you'll remember that the reaction here in the United States was pretty laid back about the whole thing. I mean, it's a bummer when your dog dies, but America isn't jerks. We know that international commerce, exports, and trade are complicated, high pressures businesses and we can all totally see how little lapses like this happen. We're not gonna get all up in China's grill about this. Sure, now that the problems have been discovered, go fix them, but as a country we are more than willing to cut China some slack until they can get their shit together. America is cool like that.

China, on the other hand, is being a bunch of tight-assed dickbags about the whole thing. Last week Zheng Xiaoyu, the former head of China's drug regulation agency (essentially the Chinese FDA), on who's watch all of these little boners came to pass, was found guilty of taking bribes and sentanced to be executed. Why you gotta be one, China? So your boy Xiaoyu was taking money from big companies in order to approve untested drugs, and foods with potentially deadly chemicals added to them, and in some cases a few people and their pets died as a direct result of his corruption. Lighten up. The dude fucked up a little. Is that any reason to put a bullet in the back of Broseph's head and forcibly harvest his organs for transplant? Quit harshing everyone's mellow.

In other news, when they hit their knees every night for the rest of their lives and chat with that all loving, all forgiving Space Wizard, the entire Bush Administration needs to throw in some extra thanks that this is not how we handle corruption, failure, and gross incompetence in the good 'ole U.S of A.


Frank said...

Thank you for bringing attention to some troubling issues of international diplomacy and penal ethics.

On the other hand, I was very upset to read the following fact in The Village Voice article on organ harvesting:

"Live or executed prisoners in the U.S. are forbidden to donate an organ, even for free, except to family members under special circumstances."

What the hell?! So Body Parts was total bullshit?!?

Paul said...

"Body Parts" was accurate at the time. Why do you think prisoners are no longer allowed to donate organs (or arms)? The risk of Evil infection is too high. "Body Parts" really brought the public outcry over this issue of a boiling point. It was the "Inconvenient Truth" of evil-transplanted-body-parts-possessing-their-new-host-body movies.