Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How I Met Yout Mother

I've spent the last couple weekends writing like a banshee, trying to finish this script I'm working on for a class that ends next week. In between writing sessions I've been rewarding myself by watching episodes of "How I Met Your Mother." I hadn't seen anything of this show until two weeks ago. I am now a season and a half through the show's two seasons. This show is Deee-lightful. It fills me with delight. In general I would say that the multi-camera sit-com is a dying art, but HIMYM really manages to breath new life into a hackneyed medium. It does a lot to play around with the form and in many ways feels more like a single camera show than a traditional sit-com. And, of course, the show has a strong soap opera element, and it is well established that I am a huge sucker for that stuff. The show has some really smart writing behind it. The episode about gay marriage is handled in a really clever way, both within the context of the show and meta-textually, as it ends up being the uber straight Barney, played by openly gay Neil Partick Harris, who objects to his brother's marriage, which also happens to be a gay marriage. Then the Christmas episode from the second season is an obtuse and extended "Christmas Story" reference focusing on the fallout from one character calling another character a cunt. It's network television so obviously they don't say "cunt," but the way they get around it is great.

Additionally, the cast is filled with folks I can't get enough of. God bless whoever had the idea of giving Alyison Hannigan and Jason Segal a weekly sitcom. Neil Patrick Harris is also solid gold. His character is essentially a prime-time-friendlier version of the caricature he played in "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle." Again, kudos to whoever had that idea. The show also gets bonus points for an admirable commitment to casting Joss Whedon show alumni in bit parts; Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Harry Groener, Tom Lenk, and Morena Baccarin all show up in various episodes, and having Michael Gross play Ted's dad is a great bit of meta-casting. So if you haven't seen this show, you should check it. I'll leave you with this YouTube clip from my favorite episode thus far: "Slap Bet."

The backstory: Ted's girlfriend, Robin, has a dark secret in her past that she doesn't want anyone to know about. Barney (NPH) has challenged Marshall (Jason Segal) to a "slap bet" that Robin’s secret is that she starred in porn films in her native Canada. As the clip begins, Barney has just discovered a video that may answer the question once and for all...


Anonymous said...

Dude, I've been telling you about this show since it came out. Way to ignore me.

Paul said...

I'm sorry, whoever the hell you are.

Aimee said...

It wasn't me, but I've been telling you too. Damn, you have some much more awesomeness coming your way you don't even know. Seriously Paul, you don't even know.

And I checked, that episdoe is called "Slap Bet," not "Robin Sparkles" silly man. Don't worry though, that episode by any other name is still just as sweet.

But damn, slow down. You only have 9 episodes left in season two, but several months until season 3 starts.

Now quick, find me the clip of Barney's form letter.

So it was Michael Gross. Excellent.

Jeff said...

I just got around to watching that clip last night, and that is SOLID GOLD.

I've seen maybe five episodes of this show, and you mentioned two of them (gay marriage and the one where Allyson Hannigan gets called a cunt)! Maybe I'll DVR repeats so I'll have something to watch this summer that isn't wrestling. And The 4400, of course.

Liz said...

As your enabler, Paul, I feel so very proud of your new life ruinment.

Jeff, you are welcome to borrow my season 1 DVDs, as season 1 has loads of great stuff as well. The show's commitment to continuity is really fierce.