Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Not that anyone will particularly care, but I've updated my links over there on the right. Sadly, one of my favorite blogs ever, How to Write Screenplays Badly, has been defunct since last June so I figured it's probably time to take their listing down. The blog is still up though so, if you ever need a laugh, I highly recommend scanning through their archives.

New to my list are several movie blogs I've been enjoying for a while now, but am jut now getting around to adding:

Final Girl is a fun blog that focuses on horror films. Specifically horror films from the '70s and '80s, though there is also a sprinkling of contemporary stuff. Final Girl is written by the delightful Stacie Ponder who is also a comic book inker and occasional webcomic artist. Stacie, I know you probably get this all the time, but will you marry me? I am totally serious. You can't see it, but I assure you that I am down on one knee and offering a huge sparkling "rock" to my computer monitor. It's okay if you need to take some time and think about it. The offer is on the table.

Moon In the Gutter is a neat little film blog that covers a wide range of topics from obscure foreign stuff to modern mainstream things. I highly recommend the ongoing series "Overlooked Classics." Moon's writer Jeremy Richey also has a spin-off blog called Harry Moseby Confidential which focuses specifically on 1970s cinema, which is sort of Richy's specialty. Some of the posts on Harry Moseby are overlaps from Moon In the Gutter, but there is a lot of original content there too. I highly recommend that ongoing series "Stone Foxes of the Seventies."

Out 1 is sort of a collective of film bloggers that tries to provide a more serious, in depth perspective on the films and film happenings (awards, festivals, etc.) of the day. They don't always succeed, but they are usually worth reading at least.

So that's it. Even if my posting is sporadic these blogs should keep you entertained while you're shirking responsibility at work. Enjoy. And keep checking back here for the official announcement of my impending nuptials with Stacie Ponder.

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Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks for the nice words concerning both my Moon In The Gutter and Harry Moseby Confidential Blogs.
I really appreciate the thoughts and links. I hope you keep enjoying them both and I hope to keep adding more and more original stuff to Harry Moseby as it goes, as well as continuing to update Moon In The Gutter daily. Thanks again, Jeremy.