Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anna Faris

I have not seen, nor do I plan to see, the new Anna Faris comedy The House Bunny (at least not until I happen across it at 2:30am on HBO), but I agree 100% with the opening paragraph from Scott Tobias's Onion A.V. Club review of the film.

Can someone please fire Anna Faris' agent? How much longer does one of this generation's most gifted comediennes—an ebullient ditz in the tradition of Judy Holliday, Lucille Ball, and Goldie Hawn—have to be the best thing about a terrible movie? Other than the barely circulated stoner comedy Smiley Face and her minor turns in Brokeback Mountain and Lost In Translation, Faris has mostly logged time in dire vehicles like The House Bunny, which are dumb-dumb to her smart-dumb. As usual, Faris makes the most of what she's given, here playing a real-life Barbie doll who acts like she was just recently animated, like a skanky Pinocchio discovering the world for the first time. It's a shame her inspired creation gets ground through an insipid '80s-style campus comedy with a tarted-up Pussycat Dolls gloss—but then, that's pretty much Faris' career in a nutshell.

I love you, Anna Faris. Please be in better movies that I want to see.

In the meantime, this is my favorite scene from the above mentioned, little seen stoner comedy Smiley Face. All you need to know for this scene is that Anna Faris is mega high.

Young Actresses: Please start using this monologue for auditions and acting class. Everyone In the World: Save you self a few bucks and Netflix Smiley Face instead of going to see The House Bunny

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Anonymous said...

also....the sorority featured in this movie appears to be based off my sorority with much infringement of intellectual property and possible lawsuits pending (or so I hear from the ZTA powers because I have not seen it). Just another reason not to see it....but if you do I would LOVE to hear about how the house is portrayed, my curiosity is killing me.