Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Invasion USA

So Russia has invaded Georgia. I guess they just got nostalgic for the expansionist good old days? There's been a lot of jokes on the internet and elsewhere about Russia ivading Georgia the U.S. State and not Georgia the former Soviet republic. It's a pretty obvious premise. Personally, I hope that right now, somewhere in our Georgia, there's a crazy redneck suvivalist who only half heard the Fox News broadcast while he was in the other room making squirrel jerky and now he's on the roof of his cabin shooting at the planes passing overhead on their way to Atlanta, screaming "Not on my watch, Ivan! Wolverines, motherfucker! Wolverines!"

I hope that 30 years from now we start finding these guys shacked up in little bunkers and makeshift hideouts all over rural Georgia, like the Japanese holdouts in the decades after WWII.

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