Sunday, August 10, 2008

Screenplay Idea

Going to Comic-Con this year gave me an idea for a script:

A master thief must find the world's 10 best bullies as part of an elaborate scheme to steal of all of the lunch money from all of the nerds at Comic-Con.

I figure Christopher Walken as the master thief. Michael Pitt plays the creepy "I-Peaked-In-High-School-But-Still-Hang-Out-In-The-7-11-Parking-Lot-Harassing-Teenagers" older bully. Miley Cirus expands her range by playing the "GASP-She's-A-Girl!" bully. I'll figure out the other eight later. One of them is probably asian. He might know a martial art of some kind. Is that racist? Oh, and there'll be one guy who's all juiced up on the 'roids. He's always trying to hit things and breaking stuff. He'll be like the Mr. T of the team, except not black 'cause that's probably racist.

The rest of it basically writes itself. We just need a catchy title to sell it. Something like Walken's 11 or maybe Nerd Heist.

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